Our New Song 'Route 66' with Woody and Kleiny

Route 66 by Woody and Kleiny and The Hoosiers

You know we love a bit of footie... and since Euro 2020 starts today, we have teamed up with social media sensations Woody & Kleiny to get the party started with the new England anthem ‘Route 66’. The song was actually written about 20 years ago and, like a patient goose, we’ve been crouched, warming its yolk to liquid gold perfection until that yolk hatched into a beautiful chick. Route 66 is that chick. And it tastes incredible.

There’s also a serious purpose to ‘Route 66’ - proceeds from the track will add the charity CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably, which is leading a movement against suicide. Every week 125 people in the UK take their own lives, and CALM exists to change this. The charity provides a confidential helpline and webchat service for anyone who needs to talk about life’s problems; spreads their message throughout communities to enable people to get the help they need before they reach the point of crisis; and encourage positive behavioural change, using cultural touch points like art, music, sport and comedy.

We'll let you check out the most excellent video, or just have a listen on your music-digestion service of choice...

World's First Live Show NFT

The Hoosiers Live NFT Show

It is good to be back, people. Thank you to everyone who (FINALLY) made it down to London last week to see us play. I know YOU know it was a special night - and good golly gosh it was amazing to be back in front after an audience after what felt like decades!

You, like us, may prefer your tokens fungible, but we're assured that the NON-fungible variety are taking the world by storm. Not to be shy of a good bandwagon, we've made last week's London live show in its entirety available as an NFT - we've been told it is the world's first live-show-as-an-NFT, and only 50 will ever be 'minted'.

What does this mean for you? Well, the short version: think of it like an old-school bootleg tape. There aren't very many, it's just for you, and it's a whole audio/video live show spectacular to enjoy if you couldn't make it to the show (or even if you could and just want to relive the excitement again and again and again...)

Check out all the nitty-gritty over at Track 21 NFT and get your hands on one of the few remaining on offer.

Alan of The Hoosiers Live

Clapham Grand Show Rescheduled to June 4 2021

Third time lucky?

Things may be looking up everyone, but not up enough for the 29 April show date to go ahead...

BUT we're happy to announce we still plan on playing our socks off for you on June 4th! Original tickets remain valid for the rescheduled show - it's gonna be a hell of a party!

image description

London Show at Clapham Grand Rescheduled to April 2021

We've just had confirmation that our show at The Grand in Clapham is to be postponed as the UK is put on lockdown. Our dear friend, Vinesh, put it better than we could, and we share every sentiment:

"Absolutely gutted. I’m livid at the lack of scrutiny on the Government who have yet again introduced a half measure, again taking aim with no evidence at an already on the brink hospitality industry. Couldn’t agree more. Shambolic. Hospitality businesses have been forced to invest (despite already crippled incomes) to ensure safety measures for the protection of customers and there is no evidence to suggest that these venues/restaurants/theatres are responsible for surges in cases. And yet gyms, schools, transport, salons, shops can stay open (all of which result in close contact) and little scrutiny on the fact that it seems that our industry has been been a scapegoat for a much wider failure in handling of this pandemic. As schools & uni’s shut for Christmas, inevitably cases (spreading) will reduce somewhat and the government will suggest their measures and tough decisions were to thank for saving many lives. How people aren’t seeing the inconsistency / pure recklessness of Boris and his clueless pals."

But let's not let Tiers turn into tears... we're headed to Tier FUN in April instead! The original 17 December show has already been rescheduled to 29 April 2021, and all tickets remain valid for the new date (and the last few tables are still on sale at http://bit.ly/HOOSdec1720 )

Irwin & Alpho

The Hoosiers Live April 2021

Live London Show to end Lockdown and 2020

We're playing yet another actual gig for actual people!

The Hoosiers Live December 2020

Come join us in London at the Clapham Grand on December 17 for a seated show with table service and safety measures in place to celebrate the end of "Lockdown 2" end 2020 on a high.

It'll be a bit different than a normal show, but you can say you were there, being waited on with beverages, all the Hoosiers hits, PLUS we may be trying out some new new songs to boot!

Tickets on sale NOW at http://bit.ly/HOOSdec1720 - Go get some.

Coming soon to a palace near you!

Exciting news everyone... we are heading to Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire on 24 and 25 July to play live - yes, an actual real in-person live acoustic performance! - at their 'Picnic At The Palace' events.

We will be playing the evening socially-distanced shows each of the 2 days, so plenty of opportunity to come see us safely, and have a pretty good picnic dinner by the looks of it, too.

Head over to the Picnic At The Palace website for full details of the events as well as to pick up tickets.

The Hoosiers Blenheim Palace

This coming weekend you also have 2 chances to join Irwin virtually for some live online streamed acoustic performances, first celebrating 25 years of Manchester Arena this Friday 17 July, and on Saturday 18 July more acoustic goodness from Irwin for the Foodies Festival. Both will be available on their social media channels for your delectation.

If you haven't checked it out already, our "three-fer" sale is still on with great deals on merchandise from our last few albums and tours. Head yourself over to our Shop for some ridiculously good prices on ridiculously good Hoosiers swag while supplies last.

Hoosiers Three-fer Sale

Thank you!

Photo by Jason Miller

We wanted to send a ray of hope in these strange and uncertain times to thank everyone who came to our Greatest Hit(s) shows at the start of the month. A time when you could actually play gigs and make merry, we hope it has filled your show-tanks while we wait out this virus in hopes of seeing you again very soon.

In the meantime, though, we're going to be going live on Instagram @thehoosiersuk today (Friday March 27th) at 16:17 GMT to play a few songs and answer a few questions. Come join us, and we'll try and make it a regular thing every week!

Next: we have some extra T-shirts from our Greatest Hit(s) shows if you weren't able to make it to London or Newcastle - they're on sale now while they last! It goes without saying we should give a shout out to Music Glue and Remedy, who run our online shop, for staying open (in their very vast, spacious, and un-crowded warehouses!) and making sure these goodies can get to you as well as helping us (and thousands of other artists) get by in what will be lean times ahead.

image description

If you're looking for some new music to keep you going stuck at home, Irwin's White Tail Falls first EP 'Fake News' was recently released, and makes for some great listening; the intense cinematic video for 'Fake News' was also released this week, so be sure to have a watch of that, too!.

We've also put together a little Staying In playlist on Spotify of some tunes that echo our feelings towards isolating in our homes... and of course we have our own Hoosiers 'Best Of' playlist on Spotify as well, which is guaranteed to get your feet tapping.

Wherever you are, stay safe, people, and stay home!

Irwin & Al

Greatest Hit(s) live shows and... WTF?

Hoosierettes and Hoosierothers,

Welcome to 2020! And what a year it's gonna be. Our musical sleeves are chock-full of surprises for you. To get the ball rolling we're playing our biggest shows in over a decade as we take off in style on a mini-tour to celebrate the birth of our bouncing Greatest Hit(s) album at two of our favourite cities in all of the citysphere:

  • O2 Academy Newcastle Thursday 5th March
  • O2 Shepherds Bush Academy in lil old London Friday 6th March.

Get Tickets HERE

Our support announcement will leave you boggle-eyed and goggle-eared ... but we're gonna make you wait for that one ;)

What I CAN tell you is that we will be giving audiences a WORLD EXCLUSIVE of new material to be released a little later in the year. We will be welcoming back into the fold our beloved brass section of Barney and Seb Philpott, and we're so excited to make such a racket with them, you simply HAVE to be there!!

Year of the rat? Nah, year of the Hoosier.


Al & Irwin

Hoosiers Tour

P.S. Irwin here 👋.

I have a new music incarnation called White Tail Falls and TODAY marks the release of a song dear to my heart called ‘Disintegrate’. I’d love for you to stream it wherever you get your music here and let me know what you think via my WTF Instagram @whitetailfalls.

Also, for a chance to win tickets to see me play some special shows in the UK Mar-Apr, check out the tour dates and save the single on Spotify to enter here now. Thank you so much for the support, it really means the world to me 💫 Good luck!

The Hoosiers Greatest Hit(s) Live in 2020


We're going back to where it all began with TWO special shows in 2020 ... Newcastle Academy on 5th March and Shepherds Bush Empire in London on 6th March!

We'll be playing our greatest hit(s) and perhaps even one or two of some other artists and maybe, just maybe, something new.

If you were there the first time, let's reunite! If you're new(er) to the crowd, come hang/sing/dance/shout with us. We'll be bringing some special guests along too. Tickets will go on sale Friday, 6th December, at 10AM.

Check out the TOUR page for ticket links and details!

Hoosiers Greatest Hits Live

Mauve Monday 50% Off Sale

Hello our fans in Hoosierland.

It's been a strange few months for us, pretending to be different people and all that (more on that later). But we're writing to you to present a fabulous retail opportunity.

This time of year, loads of people start barking on about 'Black Friday'. Well we've decided to buck this trend and get ahead of the curve. SO far ahead, in fact, that OUR sale actually started YESTERDAY!

We're so ahead that our sale will END on Black Friday (although we suspect the elves at the online store will let it go on a bit longer for your gift-buying needs... before they're ritually herded up and culled as is our post-festive custo)

Yes, this MAUVE MONDAY sale of ours is pretty simple: 50% off absolutely everything we sell. That's it, pretty simple. Of course we have to say "while supplies last" because once we sell out, most of this stuff won't be made again.

So go pick up a bargain (our Greatest Hit(s) CD makes a supreme stocking filler) by using the code MAUVE19 at the checkout.

Hoosiers Merchandise Now, back to that comment about being other people.

Mr. Irwin has recently unleashed his new project, White Tail Falls, and a somewhat frightening video for his first single "Give It Up, Son" which you should watch, with the lights on, on the YouTubes.

Look forward to a White Tail Falls album coming soon, too.

White Tail Falls

You may also remember those jokers Felix and Lee, and their wannabe fake-news band Felix and the Scootermen talking about themselves incessantly up at the Edinburgh Fringe earlier this summer. Well, it turns out they actually released one of their sorry songs, so should you be interested in a taster of what all that was about, we SUPPOSE you could check it out on a music service of your choice...

Plenty more always in the works, but we'll let you know when those works go public.

Enjoy the sale, and speak soon!

Al & Irwin

Free tickets, Greatest Hits

It's been good to see some of you at our various festival-tivities over the last few weeks, and sure we'll see more of you in the weeks to come. Why is that?

Well by now you'll have heard of our alter-egos Felix Scoot and Lee Delamere, AKA Felix & The Scootermen, and our music-comedy show Self Help Yourself Famous which will be premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe festival this August... in only a few weeks time (NOT PANICKING NOT PANICKING).

To make sure our delivery is razor-sharp, we've been doing warm-up/work-in-progress shows across London this month, and only have 4 more of these to go before the big time. But what we need now is an audience to riff off of to try out the newest finely-tuned material... so we're giving you, dear readers, free tickets to any of the 4 upcoming shows!

If you want to bag yourself a pair of tickets, go to the Facebook events for the show (links below), post the comment 'Make Me Famous!' and we'll add you to the list. Yes, it really is that simple. So come along and laugh with us, at us, or even behind our backs.

  • July 17 - The Old Queens Head, London - Free Tickets
  • July 18 - The Hen & Chickens Theatre, London - Free Tickets
  • July 22 - Rosemary Branch Theatre & Pub, London - Free Tickets
  • July 23 - Rosemary Branch Theatre & Pub, London - Free Tickets

If you want to see the real deal up in Edinburgh, we'd love your support there, too - we're performing a whopping 26 shows in August, full details and tickets can be found HERE.

image description

To celebrate the big premiere in Edinburgh, we've packaged up a 'best of' CD full of your favourite Hoosiers tunes that we'll be selling at the shows. To make it more interesting for you, our long-time fans, we've gone back into the studio with the live band and re-recorded 4 of our most famous tracks just for this album!

You can pre-order "The Hoosiers Greatest Hit(s)" CD from our shop, or find the album on the usual streaming services from August 2nd.

Looking forward to seeing you in London and Edinburgh!

Al & Irwin

Felix & The Scootermen shows, Hoosiers Summer Sale

Felix and the Scootermen

Felix & The Scootermen. Who are they, you may ask?

Well, they look like Al and Irwin, don’t they. Technically, they're Felix Scoot and Lee Delamere. But all is explained in this fantastic article in the Edinburgh News.

Ahead of their big Edinburgh Fringe debut, though, they are working swiftly through their material, honing and refining, sanding and polishing. 

To do this, MANY work-in-progress shows have been booked throughout (mostly) London, throughout (mostly) June and July. The first preview show is NEXT WEEK, so have a look and come on down to see comedy evolve before your very eyes!

  • June 19 - South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell - TICKETS
  • June 21 - Canal Café Theatre, London - TICKETS
  • June 24 - The Hen & Chickens Theatre, London - TICKETS
  • July 2 - The Star Of Kings, London - TICKETS
  • July 3 - Museum of Comedy, London - TICKETS
  • July 17 - The Old Queens Head, London - TICKETS
  • July 18 - The Hen & Chickens Theatre, London - TICKETS
  • July 21 - Rosemary Branch Theatre & Pub, London - TICKETS
  • July 22 - Rosemary Branch Theatre & Pub, London - TICKETS
  • July 23 - Rosemary Branch Theatre & Pub, London - TICKETS

Also, it may not feel like summer in rainy England just now, but our "spring into summer" sale is still on and ends on the solstice next Friday!

So head over to the SHOP and use discount code RPM2019 to get 33-1/3% off of EVERYTHING in the shop (yes, everything in the shop is on sale...)

Back to rehearsals now, and I'm sure we'll see several of you soon.

Felix & Lee

The Hoosiers summer shows, Merch on sale

Good morning our fresh-faced friends!

It's that time of year, when the sun stays out a bit longer, and the bees start a-buzzing. It also means it's time for us to clear out the merchandise warehouse and make some room for stuff that's coming later this year (CLANG! That's maybe a hint...)

If you head over to our online shop now, we're giving everyone a musically-themed 33-1/3% off of everything. Yes, that's right, absolutely everything is on sale, from posters to hats to mugs to music to shirts. This is even money off already-discounted shirts (we've been told you can get even a shirt for only £3.33 if you're quick)!

You'll just need to enter the code *RPM2019 *when you check out to apply the discount. Our 'spring into summer' sale will last from now until the first day of summer itself, 21 June, so get spring-ing!

image description

Thanks to those of you who popped in to see us - sorry, Felix & The Scootermen - in Brighton earlier this month! There is more work-in-progress madness to be had in London next month; best to check out said Felix et al on the Facebooks and Instagrams to keep up-to-date with their particular goings-on.

Finally, we're going to be popping up here and there at some funky little festivals over the summer - perhaps in your neighbourhood! Check out the full list of dates and perhaps we'll even see you next weekend in Leeds!

The Hoosiers (-ish) in Brighton

Hello you fine fine people.

It's been a while since we spoke, but that's because we've been so busy we haven't had time to write. Busy with what?

Well, if you're in Brighton next week, you can come find out! Messrs. Sparkes and Sharland have rolled out their alter-egos Felix Scoot and Lee Delamere (from the surprisingly-similar-to-the-Hoosiers band "Felix & The Scootermen") to present their new musical comedy stage show "Self-Help Yourself Famous".

Yes, that's right, Ir and Al have written a musical comedy show, and will be performing the work-in-slow-progress at the Brighton Fringe festival next week on 8 and 9 May, 2:00 pm at Junkyard Dogs: The Kennel, Brighthelm Centre, North Road, BN1 1YD - and even better: the show is free!

So why not come down, check out the show, chat to the chaps, and possibly get a ride on a space hopper.

image description

The final show will debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival throughout August (tickets for that are already on sale), but this is your chance to "hear the demos" as it were. (Speaking of hearing demos, have you been watching Hoosiers social media? Did you notice we've been in the studio, too?)

Right, that's all we have time for as we're still learning our lines (that’s not an exaggeration), so we hope to see some of you next week at Junkyard Dogs: The Kennel in Brighton.

Irwin & Al

Our email list is moving - you need to re-subscribe!

Good morning everyone in Hoosier-land.

Spring is just about sproinging now, despite a bit of snow, and there are plenty of Hoosiers-shaped blossoms starting to appear.

The first and biggest one is unfortunately the least exciting but also the MOST IMPORTANT: we're moving our email list!

If you want to keep getting updates from us on new music, tour dates, other projects and updates, you will need to join our new email list here. We'll send a few more reminders before we shut down this one at the end of May, but want to make sure you DO sign up otherwise you may miss out on some big news.

What KIND of big news? Well those spring-like blossoms may or may not include something to do with brand new music, something to do with summer festivals and shows, something to do with the theatre, something to do with a musical, and even something to do with the mystical far east. Does it sound exciting? Yes it does.

So don't miss out, join our new, improved, fresher-scented email list and you'll be hearing more from us soon!

All the best as always,

Ir & Al

PS - sign up to the new list at http://eepurl.com/do6Qdz pass it on!

Thank-yous and Brown Thursday

Hello one and all...

It seems like only yesterday we were stepping off stage at the end of the tour, but we've been in such a daze it's taken us this long to recover! What a TOE-MELTING tour it was, too... the fun, the frolics, the sights, the SMELLS!

A massive thank you from all of us - me and Al, plus our loyal cohorts Bradders and General Zoe - you made it a tour of tours to be remembered. Let's do it again next year shall we??!!

In the meantime the lovely people at the Komedia in Bath filmed the show (a standout for us) - have a look at Goodbye Mr. A and Pristine to reminisce (or see what you missed and prompt a few “self-reflectory” questions).

brand new merch

And finally, all the new tour merchandise is now on the warehouse shelves ready to ship. We know it's pretty close to Christmas but thought - in what we think is a world-first - we're actually going to give you a DISCOUNT for a few days to help out with your holiday budget. Merry Xmas, ya filthy animals.

We're calling it "Brown Thursday" - use the code BROWN17 and get 25% off EVERYTHING in the store from Thursday through to Sunday (and if it goes well, we might even extend it on to "Website Wednesday", another totally new idea...)

Again, big love to everyone who came and joined in, and if you couldn't - watch a video, have a cuppa, and look forward to more in 2018.

Al and Ir

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