The Hoosiers summer shows, Merch on sale

Good morning our fresh-faced friends!

It's that time of year, when the sun stays out a bit longer, and the bees start a-buzzing. It also means it's time for us to clear out the merchandise warehouse and make some room for stuff that's coming later this year (CLANG! That's maybe a hint...)

If you head over to our online shop now, we're giving everyone a musically-themed 33-1/3% off of everything. Yes, that's right, absolutely everything is on sale, from posters to hats to mugs to music to shirts. This is even money off already-discounted shirts (we've been told you can get even a shirt for only £3.33 if you're quick)!

You'll just need to enter the code *RPM2019 *when you check out to apply the discount. Our 'spring into summer' sale will last from now until the first day of summer itself, 21 June, so get spring-ing!

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Thanks to those of you who popped in to see us - sorry, Felix & The Scootermen - in Brighton earlier this month! There is more work-in-progress madness to be had in London next month; best to check out said Felix et al on the Facebooks and Instagrams to keep up-to-date with their particular goings-on.

Finally, we're going to be popping up here and there at some funky little festivals over the summer - perhaps in your neighbourhood! Check out the full list of dates and perhaps we'll even see you next weekend in Leeds!

The Hoosiers (-ish) in Brighton

Hello you fine fine people.

It's been a while since we spoke, but that's because we've been so busy we haven't had time to write. Busy with what?

Well, if you're in Brighton next week, you can come find out! Messrs. Sparkes and Sharland have rolled out their alter-egos Felix Scoot and Lee Delamere (from the surprisingly-similar-to-the-Hoosiers band "Felix & The Scootermen") to present their new musical comedy stage show "Self-Help Yourself Famous".

Yes, that's right, Ir and Al have written a musical comedy show, and will be performing the work-in-slow-progress at the Brighton Fringe festival next week on 8 and 9 May, 2:00 pm at Junkyard Dogs: The Kennel, Brighthelm Centre, North Road, BN1 1YD - and even better: the show is free!

So why not come down, check out the show, chat to the chaps, and possibly get a ride on a space hopper.

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The final show will debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival throughout August (tickets for that are already on sale), but this is your chance to "hear the demos" as it were. (Speaking of hearing demos, have you been watching Hoosiers social media? Did you notice we've been in the studio, too?)

Right, that's all we have time for as we're still learning our lines (that’s not an exaggeration), so we hope to see some of you next week at Junkyard Dogs: The Kennel in Brighton.

Irwin & Al

Our email list is moving - you need to re-subscribe!

Good morning everyone in Hoosier-land.

Spring is just about sproinging now, despite a bit of snow, and there are plenty of Hoosiers-shaped blossoms starting to appear.

The first and biggest one is unfortunately the least exciting but also the MOST IMPORTANT: we're moving our email list!

If you want to keep getting updates from us on new music, tour dates, other projects and updates, you will need to join our new email list here. We'll send a few more reminders before we shut down this one at the end of May, but want to make sure you DO sign up otherwise you may miss out on some big news.

What KIND of big news? Well those spring-like blossoms may or may not include something to do with brand new music, something to do with summer festivals and shows, something to do with the theatre, something to do with a musical, and even something to do with the mystical far east. Does it sound exciting? Yes it does.

So don't miss out, join our new, improved, fresher-scented email list and you'll be hearing more from us soon!

All the best as always,

Ir & Al

PS - sign up to the new list at pass it on!

Thank-yous and Brown Thursday

Hello one and all...

It seems like only yesterday we were stepping off stage at the end of the tour, but we've been in such a daze it's taken us this long to recover! What a TOE-MELTING tour it was, too... the fun, the frolics, the sights, the SMELLS!

A massive thank you from all of us - me and Al, plus our loyal cohorts Bradders and General Zoe - you made it a tour of tours to be remembered. Let's do it again next year shall we??!!

In the meantime the lovely people at the Komedia in Bath filmed the show (a standout for us) - have a look at Goodbye Mr. A and Pristine to reminisce (or see what you missed and prompt a few “self-reflectory” questions).

brand new merch

And finally, all the new tour merchandise is now on the warehouse shelves ready to ship. We know it's pretty close to Christmas but thought - in what we think is a world-first - we're actually going to give you a DISCOUNT for a few days to help out with your holiday budget. Merry Xmas, ya filthy animals.

We're calling it "Brown Thursday" - use the code BROWN17 and get 25% off EVERYTHING in the store from Thursday through to Sunday (and if it goes well, we might even extend it on to "Website Wednesday", another totally new idea...)

Again, big love to everyone who came and joined in, and if you couldn't - watch a video, have a cuppa, and look forward to more in 2018.

Al and Ir

Join The Hoosiers On Stage!

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It's you chance to support us. And we don't just mean buying tickets to the 10th Anniversary tour so we can feed our children (budgie). We're offering you the chance to take to the stage on our upcoming tour!

If you are a Karaoke king/queen ("Love and Pride"/"Who Wants to Live Forever" are both excellent options) all you have to do is reply to our post on Facebook including your name, the venue at which you will be seeing us, and your choice of karaoke tune. Crucially (and befitting of the evening's entertainment) you don't have to be that good...!

We will be picking and contacting winners in advance of each show in a Facebook love draw/announcement (details schmeetails). You get the drift.

The generous, the ever-giving,

The Hoosiers

Secret London Show this September for Give A Home

In an age that feels like we're getting more disconnected, if we can get involved with something that helps bring people together - AND helps raise money for refugees who are the ones who could use the most compassion - it may be a small gesture on our part, but as part of a bigger global event, and with your support, we can help make a bigger impact collectively.

We’re playing a secret, tiny, acoustic show in London on September 20th with Amnesty International and Sofar Sounds in support of Give A Home and refugees worldwide. Donate here for a chance to win a pair of tickets: and check out other shows world-wide at

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The Trick To Life 10th Anniversary Pre-orders

Hello our beloved Hoosiernauts,

It seems armies of you have been planning group outings to our Trick To Life 10th Anniversary tour this autumn. All the shows from late September to early November are now on general sale at - get your tickets before they sell out (several are on the verge already!)

Other exciting news - as of YESTERDAY the vinyl master lacquers have been shipped to the manufacturing plant, to bring to life the TRICK to life on vinyl for the very first time ever. We're only pressing a limited number of these, so if you haven't pre-ordered your copy with your concert tickets, you can now pre-order it directly from our website shop.

The 2CD expanded anniversary edition of the album will include a bunch of bonus tracks, B-sides, live sessions, AND instrumental versions of all the tracks for you karaoke enthusiasts out there. The 2CD version is also on pre-order on our website - both are set for release on the 29th of September, the first day of the tour!

Finally, we've ALSO added a new/old range of TTL merchandise - a rainbow selection of shirts featuring original album artwork sketches from the brilliant Stefan Uddholm. There are five in total, and if you pre-order them now, together, you'll get all 5 for the price of 4.

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That's all for today, plenty more to come...

The Hoosiers

The Trick To Life 10 Year Anniversary

It's hard to believe it's been ten years since our debut album came out.

Though various projects have been started and a further three studio albums released, it all began here, with 'The Trick to Life'.

Ten years have seen a lot of changes: Nobel-prize winner and leader of the UN, Donald Trump, brought stability to a fractious world and ended war, terrorism and disagreements as we knew them. Cars used to run on roads and not fly. And Gary Barlow wasn't even Prime Minister ... (we may have jumped to our 20 years press-release by accident ...)

In any event, todays big news is thus: We're going to play the whole damn thing from start to finish on tour in the UK this Autumn. And not just 5 shows, no, we're gonna play every place we can find so as many of you can get to a gig as possible.

On top of that, we're also going to press the whole damn thing to vinyl - which has never been done before! We'll also be releasing a 2CD version with extra tracks, remixes, live versions, and instrumentals for you completionists out there.

Tickets for the tour go on sale Wednesday, as does the pre-order for the vinyl and 2CD version. It's expected to be released on 29th September, just as we hit the road, and will ship to you in time for release date.

Looking forward to dusting off the few tracks from 'The Trick To Life' that have never seen the live light of day, and letting you know even more surprises as we get closer to the tour!

All the best,

The Hoosiers

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It's 2017, cheap shirts, and a...

Hello our beloved Hoosiernauts.

It's been a while since we've been in touch, we know, but we have to blame that on "solo project fever"... If you hadn't seen, Irwin travelled to the emerald isle to be BIG, and is now a beat cop (not really), whereas Al and Sam wrote a musical for kids about the alphabet and animals, cleverly - and very accurately - titled "Animalphabet". As Al said the other day, that's too many cooks in one basket.

But now that collective itch has been scratched, we've already got a Hoosiers gig under our belts for 2017, and our first festival of the summer has been announced. We also have some big plans for later in this year... we're not quite ready to let you know yet, but if you do some simple base-10 maths, you may be able to figure out what it is.

In the meantime, we need to clear out some space in the warehouse to make room for some new goodies, so for the rest of March and all the way until the May bank holiday (that's May 1st for you foreign types), ALL our t-shirts are only £5! A bargain at twice the price!

So head yourselves over to our shop, use magic code TSHIRT5 and fill your wardrobe with short-sleeved Hoosier-y goodness just in time for Spring (and also check out some of the limited-edition stuff... we found an extra box of posters and vinyl the other day!...)

So keep your eyes peeled, tell your mates about the crazy sale, and clear out those ear-holes ready for more!

Good talk,

The Hoosiers

The Secret Service - Out Now!

It's here, it's here! Enjoy The Secret Service ladies and gentlemen. If you've pre-ordered the new album, the download is now available in our shop for you; the CDs will be arriving in our warehouse next week and then get on their way to you along with all your other pre-order goodies.

See some of you this weekend on tour, yes?!

The Secret Service

The Hoosiers Radio Interview

Guy Bellamy, from Meridian FM, talks to The Hoosiers about their new album The Secret Service and their 2015 tour in this hour-long radio special. Listen to the entire show here.

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