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It's been good to see some of you at our various festival-tivities over the last few weeks, and sure we'll see more of you in the weeks to come. Why is that?

Well by now you'll have heard of our alter-egos Felix Scoot and Lee Delamere, AKA Felix & The Scootermen, and our music-comedy show Self Help Yourself Famous which will be premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe festival this August... in only a few weeks time (NOT PANICKING NOT PANICKING).

To make sure our delivery is razor-sharp, we've been doing warm-up/work-in-progress shows across London this month, and only have 4 more of these to go before the big time. But what we need now is an audience to riff off of to try out the newest finely-tuned material... so we're giving you, dear readers, free tickets to any of the 4 upcoming shows!

If you want to bag yourself a pair of tickets, go to the Facebook events for the show (links below), post the comment 'Make Me Famous!' and we'll add you to the list. Yes, it really is that simple. So come along and laugh with us, at us, or even behind our backs.

  • July 17 - The Old Queens Head, London - Free Tickets
  • July 18 - The Hen & Chickens Theatre, London - Free Tickets
  • July 22 - Rosemary Branch Theatre & Pub, London - Free Tickets
  • July 23 - Rosemary Branch Theatre & Pub, London - Free Tickets

If you want to see the real deal up in Edinburgh, we'd love your support there, too - we're performing a whopping 26 shows in August, full details and tickets can be found HERE.

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To celebrate the big premiere in Edinburgh, we've packaged up a 'best of' CD full of your favourite Hoosiers tunes that we'll be selling at the shows. To make it more interesting for you, our long-time fans, we've gone back into the studio with the live band and re-recorded 4 of our most famous tracks just for this album!

You can pre-order "The Hoosiers Greatest Hit(s)" CD from our shop, or find the album on the usual streaming services from August 2nd.

Looking forward to seeing you in London and Edinburgh!

Al & Irwin

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