London Show at Clapham Grand Rescheduled to April 2021

We've just had confirmation that our show at The Grand in Clapham is to be postponed as the UK is put on lockdown. Our dear friend, Vinesh, put it better than we could, and we share every sentiment:

"Absolutely gutted. I’m livid at the lack of scrutiny on the Government who have yet again introduced a half measure, again taking aim with no evidence at an already on the brink hospitality industry. Couldn’t agree more. Shambolic. Hospitality businesses have been forced to invest (despite already crippled incomes) to ensure safety measures for the protection of customers and there is no evidence to suggest that these venues/restaurants/theatres are responsible for surges in cases. And yet gyms, schools, transport, salons, shops can stay open (all of which result in close contact) and little scrutiny on the fact that it seems that our industry has been been a scapegoat for a much wider failure in handling of this pandemic. As schools & uni’s shut for Christmas, inevitably cases (spreading) will reduce somewhat and the government will suggest their measures and tough decisions were to thank for saving many lives. How people aren’t seeing the inconsistency / pure recklessness of Boris and his clueless pals."

But let's not let Tiers turn into tears... we're headed to Tier FUN in April instead! The original 17 December show has already been rescheduled to 29 April 2021, and all tickets remain valid for the new date (and the last few tables are still on sale at )

Irwin & Alpho

The Hoosiers Live April 2021

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