World's First Live Show NFT

The Hoosiers Live NFT Show

It is good to be back, people. Thank you to everyone who (FINALLY) made it down to London last week to see us play. I know YOU know it was a special night - and good golly gosh it was amazing to be back in front after an audience after what felt like decades!

You, like us, may prefer your tokens fungible, but we're assured that the NON-fungible variety are taking the world by storm. Not to be shy of a good bandwagon, we've made last week's London live show in its entirety available as an NFT - we've been told it is the world's first live-show-as-an-NFT, and only 50 will ever be 'minted'.

What does this mean for you? Well, the short version: think of it like an old-school bootleg tape. There aren't very many, it's just for you, and it's a whole audio/video live show spectacular to enjoy if you couldn't make it to the show (or even if you could and just want to relive the excitement again and again and again...)

Check out all the nitty-gritty over at Track 21 NFT and get your hands on one of the few remaining on offer.

Alan of The Hoosiers Live

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