The Hoosier Complex - 4CD collection

Featuring all the band’s studio albums, with bonus tracks, a 32-page booklet with unseen photos

Sold Out

CD1: The Trick To Life
1. Worried About Ray
2. Worst Case Scenario
3. Run Rabbit Run
4. Goodbye Mr. A
5. A Sadness Runs Through Him
6. Clinging On For Life
7. Cops and Robbers
8. Everything Goes Dark
9. Killer
10. The Trick To Life
11. Money To Be Made
12. The Feeling You Get when
13. Ruby Blue
14. Rules
15. Song For The Uncertain (Demo)
16. Goodbye Mr A (Demo)
17. Cops and Robbers (Demo)
18. Swear It On Your Life (Bonus Track)
19. Save Me From Myself (Bonus Track)
20. Holding On For July (Demo)

CD2: The Illusion Of Safety
1. Choices
2. Bumpy Ride
3. Who Said Anything (About Falling InLove)?
4. Unlikely Hero
5. Lovers In My Head
6. Live By The Ocean
7. Devil’s In The Detail
8. Glorious
9. Made To Measure
10. Giddy Up
11. Sarajevo
12. Little Brutes

CD3: The News From Nowhere
1. Somewhere In The Distance
2. Make Or Break (You Gotta Know)
3. My Last Fight
4. Fidget Brain
5. Handsome Girls And Pretty Boys
6. The News From Nowhere
7. Rocket Star
8. To The Lions
9. Upset
10. Weirdo
11. Impossible Boy
12. Nathan’s Loft

CD4: The Secret Service
1. Pristine
2. The Wheels Fell Off
3. Up To No Good
4. I Will Be King
5. Dancers In The Dark
6. The Most Peculiar Day of Your Life
7. Runs In The Family
8. The Secret to Happiness
9. (Don't Make) Eye Contact
10. Wearing Down The Carpet
11. (My) Secret Service

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